I flew the std a bit today in winds ranging from about 1-4 and shifting. I broke a LS on the light doing a cynique from a k200... guess I learned my lesson on that one.

So I made only one little change and it really helped the kite I think. Instead of just 1 12" standoff per side, I set it up with 2 113/4" standoffs per side, about 2" apart. Pitch is really nice now, before it kinda hesitated when pitching from some positions, but now it is very snappy in all positions flip wise. Flat spins a bit better than it did before. The UL flat spins just fine, but this kite originally was impossible, then just horrible, and now it is only bad. I can occasionally get a flat slot machine, but still no good 540s.

A few other tricks got better, like the wap doo wap. Overall, I think that it is better.

This kite is almost all I ever wanted in a kite, I would like it to do mulilazies a bit better, as right now it has a nasty habit of either deepening overly much or only rotating about one wingtip.